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“We are now the proud owners of a 550 gallon rainwater catchment system that includes a first-wash diverter system that cleans and diverts debris from our 1,000 sq ft rooftop watershed. It took just about a couple of hours to have it installed by Jason Garvey and his assistant Virgil of Portland Purple Water LLC Rainwater Systems. I am happy to endorse their environmentally conscious work. They even vacuum cleaned the outdoor site. The project was just completed yesterday and today the tank is full with some overflow dribbling out. Justification for this water conservation investment is based on recovering the full cost (our system only cost $950) through the following future cost savings: 1) 100% discount for stormwater discharge 2) reduction in water and sewer use charges. In addition, watering our backyard organic garden will soon be automatic once I get my drip irrigation system running off of the outflow spigot. I expect full recovery of all my expenses in less than 5 years. After that it’ll be all gravy.”

- Hiroshi Yamauchi , Portland – ret. Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Water Resources Research Center University of Hawaii


 ”Jason Garvey is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, responsible, and a pleasure to work with.”

- Carey Booth, Portland – Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Reed College


“The transformation in my backyard causes me to pause each time I pass by the windows that look onto my new water gardens.  I can hardly wait to see it all grow and flourish and get a cistern full of our plentiful rainwater.  The process was educational and fun for the whole family.  The crew at PPW were more than patient and even playful with my youngsters as they worked to get the job done.  My son is excited to see it rain and we are all joyous at the beautiful landscape that has emerged.”   

-Lenora and Sean, Tigard


We found out about MasterShield gutter protection at a home show. We have fir trees and needed a gutter solution that works. We decided to purchase MasterShield. Boy was I glad that I did! I have never had to worry about my gutters since.

- Ed, Portland


I’m really impressed with your service. All of your employees are professional. We were never pressured and our installation was on time and done right! Thank you.

- Elizabeth, Beaverton


“Thank you for getting my cistern system installed properly. All winter I flushed my toilets and washed my clothes with rainwater and this year my garden is vibrant.”

- Pat, Vancouver

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