Smart Tennis Betting Strategies You Should Learn to Use


Betting on tennis is becoming more and more popular. Experienced players start using sophisticated strategies, which increase the chances to win. You should definitely learn about two of them before you start betting and check This knowledge will help to achieve your goal. So, keep on reading!

Tactics Price Up

This approach to betting in tennis is very difficult to understand, so not everyone can do this without extra help. No pain no gain. In this tactic, you do not predict the overall outcome of the match, but do the calculations for victory or defeat with an accurate score, which brings a small profit from the offices that used your calculations. In case of failure, the effect is the opposite and you can go far into negative numbers.

How to Do the Calculations?

You should choose two players and study the bets that were made on each game by several companies. And you do the calculations for any of the two players. For example, you will have to analyze the second tennis player. Next, calculate the probabilities of maximum values for the victory of player 2 with a score of 0: 2 and 1: 2.

  • 1/5.4 = 0.19
  • 1/4.1 = 0.24
  • (0.19 + 0.24) * 100 = 43%
  • 100%: 43% = 2.32

Then again, you have to count a little, for this we use this formula.

B = CT1 * Cofficient - CT2, where: B is the size of the gain; ST1 - the size of the bet on the outcome 0: 2 in favor of the 2nd athlete; ST2 - the size of the bet on the outcome 1: 2 in favor of the 2nd; Cof - coefficient. Therefore, to get a prize of 700$ you need: 700 * 5.4 / (5.4 * 4.1-5.4-4.1) = 299.1$ - the amount of money that must be put on the selected player with a given account 0: 2 and a coefficient of 5.4.

Strategy Set Point

This tactic is aimed at increasing the jackpot in real time. The statistics of this tactic shows that with a successful scenario of the game, you can increase profits from 10% to 65%. Important! It is important to choose the right match, in which the players are in good physical shape and are ready to fight for the victory to the last. Only when choosing such a match you cannot fail when making a bet. In the live broadcast, we note how much the tennis player we need scored points for 1 game.

Let's say the favorite won with a score of 70:50. The average value is 80-70 points. Divide 80/50 = 1.6 - the coefficient that bookmakers will put up2. Count the number of totals for two players:

  • 18 * 1.6 = 28.8
  • 18/1.6 = 11.25

Then, the most interesting thing is determining the chances of victory for each tennis player. For example, according to the results of the mast, the favorite won with a score of 21:17. We look at the result in the history of past matches! Everyone's chances to win: 21/(21 + 17) = 0.55; 18 / (21 + 17) = 0.473.

Having calculated the chances of each one, you can accurately give preference to the favorite, despite the less chance to win.

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