Want to earn some extra money? Enroll in Portland Purple Water’s Recycling Dividend Program
What is the Recycling Dividend Program? We’re glad you asked… each month, Portland Purple Water gathers scrap aluminum and steel from gutter and MasterShield installations and makes a trip to the local recycling center. All that recycled metal produces a bit of profit, and we want to pass that money along to you.

Beginning immediately, all customers who purchase a gutter or MasterShield installation greater than 50 feet will be automatically enrolled in the Recycling Dividend Program for as long as you own your home (where the work was performed). If you’ve already had us install your gutters or MasterShield gutter protection, don’t worry you’re included too. Monies received from recycling will be equally distributed amongst all gutter and MasterShield customers on a consistent basis (we’ll start with monthly payments but forgive us if we go to quarterly or some other increment in the future).

How can we do this? Through the modern (minor) miracle of online banking we’ll send you a check. It’s that simple.

Why are we doing this… Portland Purple Water does a lot of dynamic things but just in case you’ve forgotten that we are a full service gutter company, we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind you. When we remind you and you recommend us to your friends and family… everybody wins. Recycling Dividend Program Enrollees may also choose to defer their dividend share to the Gutter Angel Program, just let us know.

Program begins immediately. Expect first payment checks in early July 2010.

3 Responses to “Rainy Day Recycling Dividend”

  • Joanne Rauch:


    I love this idea! Count me in and donate my share to the angel fund. Is there any way I could add my own aluminum to your scrap pile? I have a couple of 5-gal. buckets worth and also some large bags of flattened pop cans. Would rather give it to this purpose than the garbage company.

    Thanks, Joanne

  • admin:


    You bet! Your share will go to the Angel fund. Thank you for the donation. And we’ll be sure to pick up your scrap metal the next time we are in or near Warren. I hope you and your Mother are well and that your garden is thriving.



  • Recycling is very very important in order to preserve mother earth.,:~

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