Want to give back to your community? Is there a home in your neighborhood showing signs of exterior decay? Are the gutters leaking, falling off, or non-existent? Enroll a neighbor in need in Portland Purple Water’s Gutter Angel Program.
Malfunctioning gutters result in crumbling foundations, peeling paint, mold, mildew, and moss growth, leaking basements and more. While this is an eyesore and can affect your own home’s value, in these tough times there might be more going on. Perhaps the family that owns the home is down on their luck. Maybe it is owned by an elderly couple who have been forced to choose between home repairs and medical expenses because they live on a fixed income. Portland Purple Water wants to help. We want to donate our time, materials, people power, and expertise. So we are looking to you to help us find people in need.

Please nominate deserving candidates by submitting the address, name, phone number and relevant information that you know about the homeowners (i.e. lost job, retired, etc.) to: [email protected]. As much background information as possible is helpful to determine eligibility. After qualifying a deserving candidate, PPW will contact them to ask them if we can replace their gutters at no cost, obligation, commitment, or otherwise to them. This process will be absolutely confidential. They will simply be notified that someone who cares nominated them for the Gutter Angel Program. We realize that there are many deserving candidates and we can’t replace all of their gutters, but we are committed to this program and will provide installations on a regular basis.

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