Buying a mobile number online for text message marketing purposes


Consumers are constantly attacked with social alerts from friends, family, colleagues, and brands. When they have enough, they decide to disable notifications for email and other social networks.

According to marketing statistics, it takes around 90 seconds for someone to answer a text message. At the same time, it takes around 90 minutes to respond to an email. SMS has proven as an efficient tool when it comes to promotional efforts. In fact, it is one of the most efficient ways to recover lost revenue.

If you want to start a marketing campaign, you won’t be able to go any further without sending text messages. For a successful SMS campaign , you have to rely on text messages as a primary means of reaching customers. If everything is organized properly, you will stay within a legal field that provides traceable, useful leads.

Though mobile phone numbers may actually be purchased from SMS-man for digital marketing purposes, it is actually illegal in many countries to send text messages to those phone numbers. Do you know why? For example, the United States has a regulatory commission known as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This authoritative body is responsible for monitoring text messages. What is their content? Who are they sent to? How many of them are sent on a daily basis? The main point is that it’s illegal to send such messages without customers’ consent. You should get each customer’s consent before using their personal data in any possible way. Of course, the legal terms may be slightly different in other countries.

If you send text messages without proper consent, you will automatically be accused of violating the FCC’s basic rule. Aggrieved consumers will have the right to sue your business for thousands or even millions of dollars. So, you’d better give up on this if you don’t want to pay $1,000 or even $1,000.000 to the person you don’t even know.

When you buy number online from data brokers like SMS-man , you should be careful. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what you need and what you will use it for. To introduce your brand to a wide audience, the fines you might have to cover for sending those text messages can be in the millions or hundreds of millions of dollars. In the end, if you find a way of legally obtaining the consent of the consumers, you will benefit from this great opportunity without any legal repercussions.

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