Betting on an Outsider: Main Peculiarities


Bettors are sure that bets on outsiders in big football are very profitable business, which will help you to get rich. Most bettors know that sooner or later there is a match, in which the outsider will win the note favorite. In this case, the coefficient for winning is quite high. For one such victory, you can fully recoup all your financial losses up to this point. So, using this strategy is a good idea after you choose the best sites to bet

How to Bet on an Outsider?

When betting on an outsider, i.e. against favorites, you can get a good profit. It is justified to bet against the favorites, because the favorites do not win in all matches, and the coefficients for their victory are very often underestimated. Therefore, experienced players very skillfully apply the strategy of the game against favorites in various sports. In no case should bettors with this strategy bet on all underdogs. Only after a comprehensive analysis of sporting events with the participation of outsiders and favorites will be carried out, can you bet on the chosen team or the selected athlete. The strategy of the game against the favorites is very logical, as the favorites do not play well in all sports competitions, the underdogs like to make sensations by beating the favorites, and the odds for outsider winnings are too high.

Theory of Game Strategy

As for this strategy, it attracts many stakes by the fact that many are well-known favorites than underdogs. Also, due to the fact that outsiders do not play stably, betters are afraid to bet on them. That is why the players and bet on winning favorites. If you correctly put on the favorites, then this strategy will be effective. The strategy on the favorites and on the outsiders in practice. Let's compare two strategies and see which one is better.

So, you, for example, look at the last 14 matches of Valencia in the Championship of Spain. The bets in these matches were favorites, and the odds of the bookmakers are proof of that. Fourteen matches in which the players of Valencia took to the pitch in the status of favorites were played from February 15, 2015 to May 23, 2015. The team of 8 games won, 3 games lost and 3 games tied.

Let, according to the strategy of playing the favorite, you bet $ 1.5 to win the favorite in all 14 matches, and also bet against the favorite in the same matches with the same bet size. Thus, in the first case we get the following: For example, in 8 matches that ended with a favorite win, the average coefficient for winning Valencia was 1.50. So, you won 8 × 1.50 = $ 12. And you were delivered only $ 21, because 14 × 1.5 = 21. That is, you are in the red: 12 - 21 = - $ 9

In the second case, we obtain: You bet on opponents of Valencia, that is, on the outsiders. The average odds on winning underdogs, in which the favorite lost, was 8.40. Thus, with the strategy against the favorite, you won 3 × 8.40 = $ 25.2. You have been delivered $ 21. So, you are in the black: 25.2 - 21 = 4.2 $.

The Scope of the Betting Strategy

First of all, it should be emphasized that this strategy can be applied to football, basketball, tennis and other sports. Betting is recommended in honest and reputable bookmakers. First, they are reliable, and therefore will not need to worry about their financial resources. Secondly, such bookmakers provide good conditions for the game.

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