A simple Rain Barrel Building guide for the Do-It-Yourselfer

This barrel was designed by Jason Garvey of Portland Purple Water to be inexpensive, easy to build, easy to install, long lasting, and highly effective. It features a durable gross solids filter, brass hose bibb, safety strap, and 1.5 inch overflow.

Disclaimers (“use your brains before you use your rain”): 1) Keep in mind that the overflow may not be sized appropriately for all installation applications. 2) Make sure to install this barrel on prepared solid ground. 3) A safety strap is a required installation practice use one to avoid injury 4) Rainwater is non-potable. It’s for plants not people… so don’t drink it. 5) Manage your overflow so that it doesn’t undermine the barrel stand, your foundation, your property, and your neighbor’s property.

Call or email Portland Purple Water with any questions.

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