Franz Schreier’s Food and Energy Presentation featuring his Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse. Delivered at Portland Purple Water WHQ 2/13/12

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  • [...] His basic premise is that much of the world’s food production depends heavily on an extremely short supply chain that is subject to disruptions tied to its dependence on oil and that this can have catastrophic societal impact. A massive amount of our economy and oil/energy go into food production. It is massively inefficient from an energy standpoint. Most efficiency improvements in recent time have focused on time to market and supply chain improvements, leading to a local maximum in efficiency. Schreier imagines the use of science and technology to get to a whole further plateau of efficient food production and food supply robustness. But it’s not just imagination. He’s more than a scientist. He’s an engineer and has developed and implemented a series of systematic improvements to the concept of greenhouse agriculture, culminating in a working design for an aquaponic solar greenhouse. [...]

  • Don Stark:

    This is really great. Are you building this system in the Portland area?

  • admin:


    We’ve designing a CSA sized version to put on a property in St. Johns. We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign in a few days to fund the project. Thanks for looking and please, spread the word.


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