Water Conservation in Portland OR | How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Portland Purple Water is passionate about Water Conservation in Portland OR and around the world. We believe, above all else, that water is the most essential and precious resource out there. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring we are all secure in our water needs for today and for the future.


Benefits of Water Conservation in Portland OR
The goals of water conservation can be defined as:

  • Ensuring availability for future generations
  • Preservation of habitats for local wildlife
  • Reducing the need to build more water diverting infrastructure
  • Decreasing energy consumption for water pumping, delivery, and treatment


How Does Portland Purple Water Support Water Conservation?

  • Rain Barrels – 55-gallon – reclaimed food grade barrels
  • Cistern – 130-gallon to 10,000-gallon – potable and non-potable
  • Rain Garden – We can design and install to meet your unique needs
  • Gutters – Repair or Install
  • Gutter Guard – Keep the debris out of your gutter!
  • Mastershield – Separate ALL debris from your rainwater
  • Drip Irrigation – Water efficiently and affectively




To find out ways you can join the movement for Water Conservation in Portland OR, contact us at 503-922-3583 or fill out this form and we will contact you!

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