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Customize Your Rain Barrels : Portland OR
Portland Purple Water offers 55-gallon Rain Barrels with many options:


We Offer Reclaimed, Potable Approved Rain Barrels | Portland OR
All of our 55-gallon Rain Barrels are reclaimed food-grade barrels diverted from the landfill. Not only does this make them more sustainable, it also means they are potable approved Rain Barrels in Portland OR.

We make our standard, 55 gallon rainbarrels, in “bulk” during community rainbarrel builds – typically once a quarter (or more often if there’s a demand). If we are currently out-of-stock on our standard rainbarrels, please call us to check their next availability. Or gather your friends and neighbors to pre-order several!

Use your Rain
There are many great ways to use your Rain Barrels:

  • Water your Garden
  • Water your Pets
  • Wash your Car or Bike


For an estimate, call us at 503-922-3583 or fill out this form and we will contact you!

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