Rainwater Harvesting in Portland OR –
Become a Part of the Solution!

The benefits of rainwater harvesting at your home go far beyond your property.

Utilizing rainwater:

  • Reduces the energy and chemicals needed to sanitize and pump water
  • Limits the draw from underground sources
  • Retains water in the watershed in which it fell
  • Halts the negative effects storm water can bring, such as erosion, water temperature fluctuations in streams, and pollution.

Rainwater Harvesting in Portland OR is a key component in sustainable living.

Abundant Uses for Rainwater Harvesting in Portland OR
Water is abundant in the Northwest, yet many residents still face droughts and water restrictions each year. Use your water from rainwater harvesting to:

  • Water the garden
  • Flush the toilets
  • Wash clothes
  • Water your animals
  • and more!


Conserve Your Municipal Water Supply
Using your rain reduces the energy needed to pump water through the system and conserves the municipal water supply. Through Portland Purple Water’s rainwater harvesting system, anyone can capture their rain and prepare for a better tomorrow.


Rain Barrels and Cisterns from 55-gallons to 10,000-gallons
Portland Purple Water supplies potable and non-potable rainwater water harvesting systems to meet the unique need of each customer. We sell rainwater harvesting systems as small as one 55-gallon rain barrel to multiple 10,000-gallon cisterns.


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