MasterShield | Portland OR | Separate Rainwater from Debris!

Portland Purple Water is the only Oregon licensed distributor of MasterShield Gutter Protection. Because of the MasterShield Micro Mesh Rating, Portland Purple Water strongly believes in the product and recommends it over any other gutter guard.


MasterShield is perfect for rainwater harvesting, as it separates ALL debris from the rainwater, leaving your water ripe for collecting!


How Does it Work?
Mastershield is designed to align with the pitch of your roof, creating a clean path for debris to fall from your roof. The patented Hydrovortex Technology  redirects water through its micromesh gutter filter.

The gutter is completely enclosed, not only preventing debris, but also birds and other insects from creating nests in the system. All this creates a maintenance free gutter protection, unmatched by any other.


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