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Portland Purple Water Blog – And We’re Back!

After a brief hiatus, Portland Purple Water is now back in the blogging world! We will use this space to talk about all things water conservation, from upcoming water events in Oregon to why low-flow shower heads won’t actually make you have this experience:




So check back in as we all seek to conserve water, decrease our impact on the environment, and have a little fun too.

Community Barrel Build: Huge Success

Portland Purple Water partnered with the Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District for the first ever community barrel build. In total, 80 barrels were sold, that’s 4,400 gallons of rain being saved! The event exceeded all expectations. We appreciate the coverage by KPTV Fox 12 news. We are looking forward to the next community barrel event in April of 2010. Send us an email and we will remind you of the event as the date gets closer. Thank you to all involved.

Hollydale Elementary Garden

Portland Purple Water was asked by the City of Gresham to design a cistern system to provide for the watering needs of the garden at Hollydale Elementary School. Today was the unveil event. The final system includes a 2500 gallon cistern, a rain garden, a people powered water pump, and a bicycle named “Purple Thunder”.  But the story of how all that came to be begins on a rooftop on a hot day in August…

Click the first photo below to follow the story.

Portland Purple Water on KATU News

Portland Purple Water received a call from KATU news regarding the changes in interpretation of the water resources laws for the state of Washington. It is true that under the state law, which dates from 1917, rain is the property of the state of Washington. This law has not changed, but in what is being called a reinterpretation of the law, the Washington Department of Ecology no longer requires permits for rainwater collection. This effectively changes the policy from one in which water conservation through rainwater harvesting is rogue to one in which harvesting is encouraged. The most significant change will be for builders and developers. Previously they would have needed a “surface water right” permit to include a purple water system in their plans.

As the news of this interpretation broke, KATU news reporter Carlos Faura contacted Portland Purple Water. KATU needed film footage of barrels and cisterns as well as wanting to talk to their proud owners. Portland Purple Water owner Jason Garvey was pleased to oblige. He made phone calls to proud Portland Purple Water cistern customers who were more than happy to show their cisterns on television and KATU had what they needed for the story.

Cistern filmed by KATU news