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New National Water Trails System

Finally, some good news to report regarding our water systems here in the United States!

On February 29, Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar announced the creation of a new National Water Trails System. The system is intended to  “increase access to water-based outdoor recreation, encourage community stewardship of local waterways, and promote tourism that fuels local economies.”


“Rivers, lakes, and other waterways are the lifeblood of our communities, connecting us to our environment, our culture, our economy, and our way of life,” Salazar said. “The new National Water Trail System will help fulfill President Obama’s vision for healthy and accessible rivers as we work to restore and conserve our nation’s treasured waterways.”


The Chattahoochee River Water Trail in Georgia will be the first to be designated under the new system. With each designation, signage, technical assistance and resources will be provided to build on and promote the development of quality water trails. With this, water trails will become great examples and catalysts for restoring other local waterways in the community!

Portland Events: Upcoming Portland Water Events in 2012

Portland Events: Here are a few great looking up-coming Portland events around water issues:


Sustainable Water Management Conference – March 18-21, 2012

Focused on water resource integration, this conference combines technical presentations with in-depth discussions on legal, regulatory, and legislative matters facing water utilities today.

Topics include:

  • Water Conservation
  • Water Resources
  • Water Environment
  • Sustainable Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Urban Planning, Design, and Construction
  • Community Sustainability

The conference is geared toward professionals involved in all aspects of water resources and conservation.


Walk for Water – March 24, 2012

Celebrate World Water Day by simulating a typical water-gathering experience for women and children in sub-Saharan Africa. Participants will haul water for 3.1 miles around the Willamette River.

Participants can also celebrate through a non-competitive 5k fun-run that mirrors the route for the Walk for Water.


2012 Land Grant and Sea Grant National Water Conference – May 20-24, 2012

  • speakers address current and future water management issues
  • tech sessions offer insight into research results and education programs
  • informal networking opportunities
  • workshops with national experts on specific water issues
  • tours providing exposure to water management issues on our own Northwest Pacific Coast

Big Organic Gives in to GE Foods

In recent news, big players in organics (Whole Food Markets, Stoneyfield Farms, and Organic Valley) are changing their attitude towards genetically engineered foods. In an email announcement, Whole Foods Market is now calling for “true coexistence” with organics and GE foods.

This opens up the potential for massive planting of a chemical and energy-intensive GE crops which could spread its mutant genes and seeds across the nation. This could lead to the contamination of feed to organic animals,  poisoning of farm workers, and destruction of our soils.


The best way to guarantee where your food comes form is growing your own! Portland Purple Water is passionate about giving people the tools to live their greatest lives, from growing your own food to capturing your rainwater. We are currently working on a project that could potentially combine the benefits of Aquaponics, Rainwater Harvesting, and solar energy – please stay tuned and check back here for updates.

Until then, check out our upcoming workshop “Aquaponics for All” on February 25th!


Portland Purple Water Blog – And We’re Back!

After a brief hiatus, Portland Purple Water is now back in the blogging world! We will use this space to talk about all things water conservation, from upcoming water events in Oregon to why low-flow shower heads won’t actually make you have this experience:




So check back in as we all seek to conserve water, decrease our impact on the environment, and have a little fun too.