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PPW at the UofA CEAC

I am very pleased and honored to represent EBF and AGC Green-Tech Co. at the
University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agricultural Center for
Food Production and Environmental Stewardship's Greenhouse Crop Production
and Engineering Design Short Course shortcourse. Many of you are already
aware of Portland Purple Water's work with EBF on Franz Schreier's
Aquaponics Solar Greenhouse. This is the first time that Schreier's design
and collected technologies are being presented to a collected group of
greenhouse industry professionals. I'm looking forward to meeting industry
leaders and excited for the week ahead.

Dawn Spawns Aquapons

Workshop yesterday.
Dawn spawns Aquapons. Mend Earth
sum of some by some.

Aquaponics is Fine Art

"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of
a comfortable living from a small piece of land."
Abraham Lincoln

Who are we to argue with Abe? Aquaponics is FINE ART!
Seven days left to sign up for our workshop: Aquaponics for Everyone.
A few spaces remain, sign up today.

Sugar Snap Pea (with friends!) update: 39 days

The Chicken Matrix

We humbly offer you an alternative to this horrifying possibility. Portland Purple Water was founded by Jason Garvey who has vast past experience as a poultry commodities trader and can personally attest to the nightmarish inner workings of industrial food production. For him, this chicken matrix isn’t that hard to imagine.

Food’s first function is as nourishment, but within Industrial Food Production profit is always placed before consideration of and for the end user. That means that you and your well-being, my Water Ninjas, are less important to the Industrial Food Industry than the difference between what you will pay for food-type products versus what those food-type products costs to make. This frankenchicken production facility design presents an amazing opportunity for the Dollar Menu-aires. Cost of production just fell by a significant percentage either boosting profits or passing some of that savings onto the end user (thereby making it difficult to consider purchasing healthier options). Is it possible that the Half-dollar Menu is just right around the corner?


So… you could take advantage of the Dollar Menu-aires potential new windfall and place a call to your stockbroker to buy some shares… but, better yet why not make an investment in yourself? Opt out of the Industrial Food Production machine. Come learn about aquaponics, learn how to grow your own highly nutritious food, anywhere. Aquaponics??? Sounds complicated. Not sure you can do it? What are you, chicken?

On my mind 2/14/12

What’s on my mind? Well… we had an amazing presentation last evening by our friend Franz Schreier. Attendees learned that, as it turns out, the future of food production is here now.  Check it out: Food and Energy

Then, this morning, I came across this quote in How to Grow More Vegetables by John Jeavons: “The homegrown tomato requires no fuel in its transport, no packaging will be sent to the landfill, no political decisions about who will be allowed to work the fields or what level of pollutants is acceptable in our groundwater.” Yep, I agree, that’s exactly what I’ve recently concluded as well. Nice to have a master like Jeavons confirm my thoughts. Finally, here is sugar snap pea update at 36 days (with friends in the foreground).

Ok, my water ninjas… now it’s your turn… Aquaponics for Everyone.

PPW Rainwater pH and Particulate test

We need a little of your rain!! Please click the following link for PDF instructions to include your rainwater in the test.. Thank you!!



Jason Garvey

Portland Purple Water

Portland Purple Water on

Prior to the Better Living Show, Portland Purple Water owner Jason Garvey was interviewed by Lori Feldman of Click to read the article.

Portland Purple Water in the Oregonian

Freelance write and master gardener Lisa Albert contacted Portland Purple Water for her article about using rain for watering gardens. It appeared in the February 10th Oregonian Home and Garden section. If you missed it, here’s a link: Catch the Rain.

Community Barrel Build: Huge Success

Portland Purple Water partnered with the Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District for the first ever community barrel build. In total, 80 barrels were sold, that’s 4,400 gallons of rain being saved! The event exceeded all expectations. We appreciate the coverage by KPTV Fox 12 news. We are looking forward to the next community barrel event in April of 2010. Send us an email and we will remind you of the event as the date gets closer. Thank you to all involved.

Hollydale Elementary Garden

Portland Purple Water was asked by the City of Gresham to design a cistern system to provide for the watering needs of the garden at Hollydale Elementary School. Today was the unveil event. The final system includes a 2500 gallon cistern, a rain garden, a people powered water pump, and a bicycle named “Purple Thunder”.  But the story of how all that came to be begins on a rooftop on a hot day in August…

Click the first photo below to follow the story.