Don’t Pray For Rain

On my mind today? Evolution of the human species. If I had a wish it would be that humans would begin to evolve as a species toward one which places more value on wisdom than knowledge.

Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge vetted through experience. Ze Frank and Rainn Wilson discuss how the human brain literally grows into its wisdom capability here (it’s at about the 1:45 mark). So that’s well said. Human beings, as a species, are acting like teenagers who literally can’t access their cerebral cortex. This needs to change. One of the advantages of wisdom over knowledge is that, we can avoid painful issues with proper planning based on our past experience. We are failing on this at all fronts.

Of course we have heard of drought and famine before. This article today reminds me of a famous quote by R.E. Dixon in 1937, well within the throes of the Dust Bowl. “Don’t pray for rain if you aren’t prepared to take care of what you get.” What have we done to ensure that our Midwestern crops can withstand the cycles of drought which are known to impact the region? Our answer had been pumping groundwater. We’ve drilled thousands of wells into the Oglalla Aquifer drawing up more than can be replaced. But, forget about the fact that this is not sustainable. Has this worked? This summer reminds us, no. “Monday’s crop ratings showed losses on par with the damage seen during the 1988 drought if these conditions persist,” said Bryce Knorr, senior editor for Farm Futures Magazine. “Weather so far has taken almost 4 billion bushels off the corn crop, so a lot of demand must still be rationed.”

Rationing corn… how about rationing water? After all, isn’t that all that rainwater harvesting is? Setting aside some for tomorrow. That seems… wise.

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