The Chicken Matrix

We humbly offer you an alternative to this horrifying possibility. Portland Purple Water was founded by Jason Garvey who has vast past experience as a poultry commodities trader and can personally attest to the nightmarish inner workings of industrial food production. For him, this chicken matrix isn’t that hard to imagine.

Food’s first function is as nourishment, but within Industrial Food Production profit is always placed before consideration of and for the end user. That means that you and your well-being, my Water Ninjas, are less important to the Industrial Food Industry than the difference between what you will pay for food-type products versus what those food-type products costs to make. This frankenchicken production facility design presents an amazing opportunity for the Dollar Menu-aires. Cost of production just fell by a significant percentage either boosting profits or passing some of that savings onto the end user (thereby making it difficult to consider purchasing healthier options). Is it possible that the Half-dollar Menu is just right around the corner?


So… you could take advantage of the Dollar Menu-aires potential new windfall and place a call to your stockbroker to buy some shares… but, better yet why not make an investment in yourself? Opt out of the Industrial Food Production machine. Come learn about aquaponics, learn how to grow your own highly nutritious food, anywhere. Aquaponics??? Sounds complicated. Not sure you can do it? What are you, chicken?

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